Digital Mobile Radio
Congratulations to SENHAIX for obtaining multiple utility model patents again! 2020-08-27

SENHAIX again obtained a number of utility model patent certificates issued by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office.

A walkie-talkie with positioning function for field use

A walkie-talkie with alarm device

A special walkie-talkie with mounting bracket function

A walkie talkie with video playback function for patrol

An explosion-proof walkie-talkie with signal amplification function

Interactive control software for two-way radio analog signal transmission

Intercom programming IOS debugging software

Walkie-talkie parameter correction management system

Intercom IP interconnection link intelligent distribution system

Intercom base station signal remote control system

Fujian SENHAIX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. vigorously implements technological innovation. For many years, it has focused on the design and development of analog 2-way radios, public network 2-way radios, digital 2-way radios, mobile 2-way radios and other professional intercom equipments. It is a company that can independently design, develop, manufacture and sell 2-way radios.

SENHAIX has now obtained dozens of patents. These patent achievements have accumulated momentum for the company’s future development, further enhanced the companys product technology content, enhanced product stability, and enhanced the companys core competitiveness. Development provides strong scientific and technological support.

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